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Hi, I'm Erika. As a native New Yorker, you can say I was born with the love of gab. I am told my warm, friendly, familiar voice print is comforting and conversational. I love when I am told by people who have met me that they feel as though they have known me for years! My dialect is often hard to isolate and pinpoint, as I don't have the stereotypical New York accent.

I have always believed that kindness and compassion is something so easy yet so powerful. I suppose this philosophy led me onto the path of nursing. As a Registered Nurse, I am passionate for strong communication. I always enjoyed the engagement with many interdisciplinary teams. After stepping away from nursing I created and launched a technology audio podcast. Techie and the Blonde, was born with my techie husband of 19 years. Simplifying technical jargon, we have listeners from around the world. The podcast is light-hearted with funny relatable banter. (Believe me there is plenty after over 22 years together!) Over time we have evolved into a professional video podcast. I continue to be the co-host of Techie and the Bizz for a large corporation. Speaking with Tech industry leaders. We discuss the newest cutting edge technology in enterprise.

Using my voice to educate and inform, is what has led me to fulfill a long passion to begin a career as a Voice Actor. Having completed my training at the Edge Studio in New York City, NY. I am committed to ongoing professional development and education. The voice is the pathway that connects us all, with the ability to create emotion that's hard to forget. Understanding and accomplishing this goal is why people hire me. As a lifelong lover of the beach, often I am found with any of my 3 kids, 3 dogs, and my feet in the sand…most likely engaged in a great conversation.

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